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Located in Cannington

At Carousel Dental Centre, we provide a range of general dental services for people of all ages, offering restorative and preventative care to ensure healthy teeth and gums. Oral health can affect the overall wellbeing of your body, so it is imperative to take good care of your teeth and gums.

Our dental team aims to treat, prevent and educate patients so that everyone can enjoy a happy, healthy smile and general well being. That is why it is a great idea to bring children along to the clinic as early as possible, so they can get used to visiting and taking care of their teeth.

Patient getting a teeth cleaning in Cannington

We provide a wide range of services which encompass all aspects of dentistry. From simple dietry advice, scale  and polish, fillings, to more complex treatment such as dentures, veneers, crown & bridge and implants. We will plan the treatment  and maintenance  based on your individual needs.

We are happy to provide estimates  on request so that enquires can be made  to your health  fund in relations to the rebate amounts. We have direct claims facilities for most private health insurance Medibank Private, MBF, HIF and many more, so that patients will only be left to pay the gap. 

General Dentistry Services

As part of our general dental services, we provide everything from dietary and oral hygiene advice to scale and polish for teeth, as well as fillings, dentures and crowns. At your initial appointment, we will carry out an intraoral examination to establish your oral health status and to diagnose any possible problems. We will then recommend an appropriate course of action, tailored to meet your individual requirements.


At Carousel Dental Centre, we have direct claim facilities for most private health insurance such as Medibank Private, MBF, HIF and many more. We’re also HBF participating providers, which means HBF members can receive a 60-80% rebate on their treatment.

Muscle Relaxant

At Carousel Dental, patients who wish to soften wrinkles or deep lines around their forehead, glabelle, eyes and mouth area are able to do so with the use of muscle relaxants.This treatment can also be used to correct gummy smile and may provide relief to some patients who suffer from temporomandibular disorders (TMD), which is a result from chornic grinding and/or clenching behaviour.

Emergencies & Toothaches

If you experience an unexpected toothache or severe pain in your teeth or gums, we provide an emergency dental service and will aim to see you as soon as possible. Our motto is that we’re here ‘whenever you need us’, with an after-hours service available when required.

Emergency dental treatment may include anything from simple fillings to gum treatment, root canal therapy or sometimes even extractions. Whatever you need, our dentists will ensure you receive swift attention.

Please note a call out fee applies to any after hours or on public holidays.


If you have missing teeth, dentures offer a very cost-effective way to replace these without the need for more invasive treatment like implants. Dentures are available as either partial or full, and in acrylic or chrome. Your dentist will discuss which you prefer and which is best for your needs before commencing treatment.

Wisdom Teeth

As part of our dental services at Carousel Dental Centre, as well as simple teeth extraction, we also offer wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom teeth are usually only removed if they are causing discomfort or pain, or if they impose a risk to the health of the adjacent teeth. If you are worried about your wisdom teeth, or would simply like us to check them, please call our clinic and we can arrange an appointment for you.

Our dental team can assess your teeth and gums to determine if the wisdom teeth are a problem and if so, we willl recommend the best course of action for you. Sometimes, extraction is the only option, but if that is the case, we will make sure you receive the very best post operative advice and care. 


As part of our cosmetic dental treatments, our professional team at Carousel Dental Centre can fabricate porcelain or composite veneers to add a little extra finesse to your smile. However, not every tooth can be veneered.

Veneers can be fitted on top of your natural teeth to provide a more streamlined look and to shape your smile the way you want it. Case selection os crucial in determining long term success. Contact us for an assessment.

Crowns and Bridges

If your teeth have been damaged by decay or trauma, dental crowns are a common way to restore teeth. At Carousel Dental Centre, our dentists are experienced in all areas of dentistry and are skilled in fabricating crowns and bridges to restore patients’ smiles.

Call us today on 08 6117 0251 to book an appointment with our reliable dentists in Cannington.

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