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Wisdom Tooth Removal Cannington

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Wisdom teeth are usually only removed if they are causing discomfort or pain, or if they impose a risk to the health of the adjacent teeth. If you are worried about your wisdom teeth, or would simply like us to check them, please call our clinic and we can arrange an appointment for you.

Our dental team can assess your teeth and gums to determine if the wisdom teeth are a problem and if so, we willl recommend the best course of action for you. Sometimes, extraction is the only option, but if that is the case, we will make sure you receive the very best post operative advice and care.


If you require an extraction, one of our experienced dentists will discuss the rocess with you to ensure that you are fully informed and satisfied with the treatment plan before proceeding.

At Carousel Dental Centre, we carry out simple surgical extractions under local anaesthetic, although if you are a particularly nervous patient, we can also bring in an anaesthetist. This means you can undergo intravenous sedation during the procedure for your ultimate comfort.

For all enquiries about wisdom teeth and extractions, please speak to our trusted team and we will be happy to give you the help and advice you need.

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Wise Words for the Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

What are Wisdom Teeth and When may Issues Arise?

Wisdom teeth usually surface between 17 and 25 years of age. Most adults possess four wisdom teeth – one at the far back on each side, upper and lower. However, genetics and ethnicity can see you inherit less, or more referred to as supernumerary teeth that can also cause unexpected issues, which is why it’s best to explore what your circumstances are, and if extraction is required. Wisdom teeth can become impacted creating numerous potential health issues – or if left, their roots can grow into other areas (such as the sinuses or close to facial nerves), which can make extraction more complex the longer they remain. This is why many patients choose to extract prior to such situations arising. Your Carousel Dental Centre consultant can x-ray the area to review your personal situation, and guide you accordingly.

A Sign of Problems

Since the shape, size, number and position of wisdom teeth vary, there are a number of symptoms to watch for, including overcrowding, swelling, bleeding or pain. If you are considering braces or orthodontic measures to straighten your teeth, it is recommended that all wisdom teeth are removed to avoid future realignment issues. Aside from this, wisdom teeth are notorious for creating secondary problems such as difficulty opening the mouth, gum infection, abscesses, cysts and decay. If you have any such symptoms please book an appointment with Carousel Dental Centre and approach your dentist for specific advice on your circumstances.

Process Overview

There are some scenarios that can alter the general process, such as gum disease, wisdom teeth erupting at the wrong angle, and impacted wisdom teeth within a jaw bone, which may require an oral surgeon to cut into your gums or bone accordingly. However, your dentist will review your individual needs and plan accordingly, to discuss your medical history and any medications that you are on at present, or will be consequently if required. This will help you plan any lifts home or time off that may be needed which depends on whether you are numbed (awake), or put out to sleep during the surgery, prior to being stitched up. Typically the process usually takes up to 45 minutes for extraction, but is case dependent – based on any pre-existing conditions you may have, and whether local, sedation or general anaesthetics are used, so please consult your dentist.

Recovery Time

This can differ based on the type of extraction required, so it’s best to consult your dentist at Carousel Dental Centre on your likely recovery period. Outcomes are based on the individual, but can range from three days to one week on average, and the stitches are dissolvable. It is likely that antibiotics, pain killers or a care regime will need to be maintained post extraction, for the best possible healing process, based upon the type of extraction you have undertaken. Your Carousel Dental Centre dental practitioner will fully brief you on any such aspects that they can, prior to the procedure. Soft foods, ice packs, gentle jaw exercise, fluid intake (without straw use), and care rinsing and brushing will be recommended post-procedure

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As part of our dental services at Carousel Dental Centre, as well as simple teeth extraction, we also offer wisdom teeth removal.
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