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Carousel Dental provides a range of general dental services for people of all ages, offering restorative and preventative care to ensure healthy teeth and gums.



If you experience an unexpected toothache or severe pain in your teeth or gums, we provide an emergency dental service and will aim to see you as soon as possible.


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Carousel Dental is open Monday to Saturday. Visit the Contact page for more information and to Book an Appointment. After-hours service is also available.


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For quality family dentistry and cosmetic dental services in Cannington, Carousel Dental Centre is the place you can trust.

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Carousel Dental Centre extend their services to all residents of Victoria Park, offering high-quality and accessible dental care to a large number of patients.

At Carousel Dental Centre, we are passionate about providing friendly, professional, and exceptional dental care for patients of all ages. Our experienced team of dentists and support staff ensure that you receive the best dental treatments in a personalized and welcoming environment. As a family-owned practice, we take pride in delivering high-quality dental care to our patients and their families.

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Our general dentist serving a client in Cannington

Why Choose Carousel Dental Centre

Carousel Dental is a dependable, family-owned dental practice in Cannington. Over the years, we have catered to the communities in and around this suburb of Perth and have made our presence known considerably in all the neighbouring suburbs through exceptional service. For Victoria Park residents, Carousel Dental is easily accessible, affordable, and among the most highly-rated dental services in the area.

Carousel Dental Centre in Cannington offers a relaxed and family-friendly environment, something that you may not find at the busy dental clinics in the CBD. When you choose to visit our Cannington centre, you can avoid heavy traffic and find ample parking. Once you are in our centre, you get to enjoy a calm and relaxed atmosphere where the friendly staff puts you at ease and makes your visit to the dentist a stress-free experience.

Easily Accessible from Victoria Park

While we assert that the dental care and treatments we offer are exceptional, we also are quite accessible to Victoria Park residents. Located right along the Albany Highway, our centre is easily accessible whether you travel by car or any form of public transport. We also provide ample parking facilities and are flexible with our working hours, which enables us to see you at short notice too.

Comprehensive Dental Services

General Dentistry

At Carousel, you get the entire gamut of general dentistry, from regular check-ups to advice on oral hygiene. We also counsel you on how to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

A wisdom tooth is removed only when you experience terrible pain around the tooth or it poses a danger to the adjacent tooth. Our dentists can extract problematic wisdom teeth effectively and safely.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Another one of our specialities is cosmetic dentistry. From teeth whitening and veneers to teeth repair and repositioning, we make sure they are all done perfectly. In addition to giving you smile makeovers, we provide facial aesthetics using wrinkle relaxers to fade out those lines on your face.

Dentures and Dental Implants

We provide full and partial dentures made of acrylic or chrome, and customised to fit you perfectly. Our dental implants, crowns, and bridges are made of the same colour as your teeth and blend in naturally.

Family and Paediatric Dentistry

With ample expertise in dental treatments for all age groups, we are quite effective as family dentists. From senior citizens to teenagers, we ensure that every patient gets the right kind of counselling, treatment, and care. We also specialise in paediatric dentistry and provide a safe and non-chaotic atmosphere where children and their parents feel relaxed.

Meet Our Team of Dental Professionals

Our team includes Dr Cy Cumming, a specialist in restorative dentistry who excels at working with dental implants.

Dr Anis Fadzil is great at family dentistry and specialises in preventive dentistry and facial aesthetics.

We have a huge team of associate dentists and a supportive nursing staff.

Getting to Carousel Dental from Victoria Park

Quite accessible via all means of transport from Victoria Park, Carousel Dental is your best option to get a friendly, relaxed, and thoroughgoing dental care.

You may reach us via the train route: Victoria Park station to Cannington station.

Alternatively, you may arrive at our centre via bus line 930 – Albany Hwy after Leige St to Albany Hwy after Leonard St.

For more details, call us at (08) 9356 5883.

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Great Practice. Have been going here for 3 – 4 years. Really good service and you receive prompt attention in emergencies. Prices are quite reasonable and the quality of work is very good.


Had general dental done here, as well as gotten my teeth pulled. All staff are friendly and very professional. Gonna be back for sure!


My step-daughter was terrified of going to the dentist, and Dr. Cumming was wonderful with her. He made the experience fun for her, and she left with a balloon and a big smile!


I attended the practice and found Dr Cumming service exceptional, and for once i was told upfront what the cost would be and was completely satisfied with the outcome.


We provide a wide range of services which encompass all aspects of dentistry.

Instruments used by a family dentist near Maddington


We provide everything from dietary and oral hygiene advice to scale and polish for teeth, as well as fillings, dentures and crowns.

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A woman receiving our wisdom teeth removal treatment in Bentley


As part of our dental services at Carousel Dental Centre, as well as simple teeth extraction, we also offer wisdom teeth removal.

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We can soften wrinkles or deep lines around their forehead, glabelle, eyes and mouth area with the use of muscle relaxants.

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A woman before and after teeth whitening in Canning Vale


Teeth whitening is the perfect way to enhance the appearance of your smile without the need for invasive dental procedures.

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If you have missing teeth, dentures offer a very cost-effective way to replace these without the need for more invasive treatment like implants.

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Dental implants are a permanent solution to replace one or more missing teeth, restoring your natural smile.

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As part of our cosmetic dental treatments, our professional team at Carousel Dental Centre can fabricate porcelain or composite veneers.

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If your teeth have been damaged by decay or trauma, dental crowns are a common way to restore teeth.

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A woman in need of help from emergency dentistry services in Canning Vale


If you experience an unexpected toothache or severe pain in your teeth or gums, we provide emergency dental services.

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Discover why Carousel Dental is the trusted family dentist by residents of Victoria Park and surrounding suburbs. Schedule an appointment with our friendly team today and let us help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. We look forward to welcoming you to our dental family!

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