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Carousel Dental provides a range of general dental services for people of all ages, offering restorative and preventative care to ensure healthy teeth and gums.



If you experience an unexpected toothache or severe pain in your teeth or gums, we provide an emergency dental service and will aim to see you as soon as possible.


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Carousel Dental is open Monday to Saturday. Visit the Contact page for more information and to Book an Appointment. After-hours service is also available.


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For quality family dentistry and cosmetic dental services in Cannington, Carousel Dental Centre is the place you can trust.

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Carousel Dental, a family dentist in Cannington, is well known across the region and covers all neighboring areas, including Bentley. We specialise in all kinds of dental care across age groups and have been able to reach out to the culturally diverse community of Bentley. Our well-equipped clinic and skilled and experienced staff can make sure you are comfortable and absolutely prepared for all kinds of dental procedures and treatments.

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Our general dentist serving a client in Cannington

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Teeth and the dental cavity undergo changes with age, as do the nature and gravity of the problems associated with them. As a family dentist, we take these factors into account when seeing patients of different ages. While we offer professional dental services to all patients from 18 to 50 years of age, we specialise in dental care for young adults between the ages of 20 and 35. Due to a lack of time or maybe sheer confidence in their body’s ability to heal every disease, people in this age group largely tend to overlook small dental issues. Allowing the teeth to heal themselves may be a good thing, but if the problem is bigger than the teeth’s ability to self-heal, then it may be too late for professional intervention too. Hence, it is advisable for all to maintain a healthy dental routine and get regular dental check-ups by a professional (read ‘at Carousel Dental

Dental Check-Ups – Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Them

Most people conveniently assume that teeth and gums are well-maintained by regular brushing, flossing, and other DIY rituals that they may have learned from random sources. However, one must realise that with the kind of knowledge and equipment dentists have, they can thoroughly check your teeth and the oral cavity and identify present problems along with potential ones. This helps in taking preventive measures so that you remain free from tooth troubles for the rest of your lives.

Specialised Dental Services for Young Adults

Young adults between the, generally touted as healthy, age group of 20 to 35, have certain expectations when they visit a dentist. We cater to all their expectations and also have specialised services that are mostly sought by the young adult population of Bentley.

We have a team of passionate and dedicated dentists, dental associates, and nurses.

Dr Cy Cumming
A specialist in restorative dentistry, he provides all kinds of dental implants.

Dr Anis Fadzil
A family dentist in every way, she specialises in preventive dentistry and facial aesthetics.

Our Associates
Friendly and skilled, our associates provide the required care every patient needs before and after every dental procedure.

Our Nursing Staff
Warm and welcoming, our nurses help keep the patients comfortable and stress-free before and during the procedure.

The best reference is a good word



Great Practice. Have been going here for 3 – 4 years. Really good service and you receive prompt attention in emergencies. Prices are quite reasonable and the quality of work is very good.


Had general dental done here, as well as gotten my teeth pulled. All staff are friendly and very professional. Gonna be back for sure!


My step-daughter was terrified of going to the dentist, and Dr. Cumming was wonderful with her. He made the experience fun for her, and she left with a balloon and a big smile!


I attended the practice and found Dr Cumming service exceptional, and for once i was told upfront what the cost would be and was completely satisfied with the outcome.


We provide a wide range of services which encompass all aspects of dentistry.

Instruments used by a family dentist near Maddington


We provide everything from dietary and oral hygiene advice to scale and polish for teeth, as well as fillings, dentures and crowns.

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A woman receiving our wisdom teeth removal treatment in Bentley


For some, the pain continues even after wisdom teeth are completely grown and cause a lot of discomfort. At Carousel, we assess the condition of your wisdom teeth and provide the best treatment. If the wisdom tooth is posing a risk to the adjacent teeth and extraction is the only way out, we get it done safely and smoothly, ensuring that you are in your most comfortable state of mind.

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We can  help you build a flawless smile while you build self-confidence. We repair damaged teeth, replace missing ones, and carry out a whole lot of other procedures that can help improve your teeth and give your smile a makeover. From small repairs on your teeth to major cosmetic dental procedures, we make sure they are the best solutions to your problem and carry them out to perfection.

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A woman before and after teeth whitening in Canning Vale


Teeth whitening is the perfect way to enhance the appearance of your smile without the need for invasive dental procedures.

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If you have missing teeth, dentures offer a very cost-effective way to replace these without the need for more invasive treatment like implants.

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Dental implants are a permanent solution to replace one or more missing teeth, restoring your natural smile.

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As part of our cosmetic dental treatments, our professional team at Carousel Dental Centre can fabricate porcelain or composite veneers.

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If your teeth have been damaged by decay or trauma, dental crowns are a common way to restore teeth.

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A woman in need of help from emergency dentistry services in Canning Vale


If you experience an unexpected toothache or severe pain in your teeth or gums, we provide emergency dental services.

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Your Go-To Dentist in Bentley

So, if you are in Bentley and need a dentist for a regular check-up, a dental emergency, or simply for consultation, contact Carousel Dental.

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